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Products – Our offer

Electrolytic zinc, Zinc alloys, Wegal MOD, Zamak, Lead concentrate, Sulphuric acid, Casting zinc anodes, Rolled zinc anodes, Lead and zinc concentrate (bulk)

  • Electrolytic zinc is widely used in automotive, processing, construction and many other industries. Apart from those
  • Zinc alloys are used in smelting and automotive industry as well as for continuous galvanizing in
  • Wegal - MOD is galvanizing zinc alloy produced on the basis of Z1 electrolytic zinc in the
  • Lead concentrate is irreplaceable raw material used for the production of lead. The major markets are
  • It is widely used in chemical and processing industry. Apart from the sales in domestic market
  • Zinc and lead concentrate is produced in the process of flotation enrichment of zinc-lead ores. It

Ladies and Gentlemen !

I am pleased to present you our company – ZGH „Bolesław” S.A. – a producer of Special High Grade Zinc and its products.

Currently, ZGH “Bolesław” S.A. is the parent company in the capital group ZGH “Bolesław”. We extract and process zinc and lead ores coming from our own mine, produce electrolytic zinc, zinc alloys, sulphuric acid and zinc and lead concentrates. We produce zinc using electrolysis process and imperial smelting process as well as we recycle zinc waste materials in the Waelz process. The technologies we use protect the environment. 

Since 2010, after the consolidation with HC “MiasteczkoŚląskie” S.A., our capacity has reached 150 thousand mt per annum. Special High Grade zinc produced in ZGH “Bolesław” S.A. was registered at the London Metal Exchange in 2005. 

Our strategy aims at systematic development and continuous modernization of the production processes,ensuring excellent production parameters and maintenance of a high position amongworld zinc producers.For the consistent implementation of the strategy, our Company was awarded a title of“Pearl of the Polish Economy” .
We are also very proud to have been granted the following:
-ISO 9001 certificate that guarantees the highest and stable quality of the offered products,
-reliability certificate that proves our creditability, as well as
-certificate ofinnovation for introduction of a new product – Wegal alloy.

Bogusław Ochab

President of the Management Board of ZGH “Bolesław” S.A.


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